29 Jan

More Canadian expressions

Here are more differences between French French and Canadian French:

– In Quebec, “écouter” means both “to listen” AND “to watch”. Very strange for a Frenchman or woman to hear someone ask: “Did you listen to the movie last night?”

– “It’s fun!” that I would translate by “C’est sympa”, that the younger generation might translate by “C’est fun” is “C’est le fun” pronounced “C’est l’fun!” in Quebec.

– Talking about a baby for instance, if you want to say: “She’s so cute!”, the French would say: “Elle est trop mignonne!” which in Quebec, they would say: “Elle est b(i)en cute!” (they don’t say the “i” in “bien”).

– To say: “I sucked at math when I was a kid”, the French would say: “J’étais nul en maths quand j’étais petit.” In Quebec, they would say: “J’étais pourri en maths quand j’étais petit.” which to us French people sounds like “I was rotten at math when I was a kid…” strange…

– One that I find very cute, just like in English, we can avoid swearing by using similar words. In English, people say: “Shoot!…”. In France, we can say “Zut!” or “Flute!”. Well, in Quebec, they say both at the same time: “Zut de flute!” I think it’s funny. I like that.

– In French French, the word for “a place” is “un endroit”. In Quebec, they call it “une place” which to us means “a plaza”.

– Canadians also have the word “supposément” for “supposedly” while the French would say “soit-disant”.

– I also love the Canadian meaning of “écoeurant”, which in France means “disgusting”. In Canada, it means “awesome/great”.

– To say: “right now”, or “lately”, the French would say “en ce moment”. In Canada, they say “présentement”.

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