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Free introduction to French

Email me at to get free access to my French course for beginners containing priceless information. You will not only get access to free lessons that will give you the foundations of French as well as great insight on how to learn French, but you will also get an account to do the many exercises and use the learning tools I have created to enhance my students’ learning experience outside of my lessons: written assignments + high quality lessons + listening comprehension exercises with teacher’s feedback.

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French group lessons online for intermediate level:

Upcoming session: September 1st – October 9th 2020: Tuesdays @ 5:30 pm P.S.T
Duration: 6 sessions of 1 hour each.
Cost: $79 / 6 sessions
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French group lessons online for intermediate/advanced students:

Upcoming session: September 1st – October 9th 2020: Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm P.S.T
Duration: 6 sessions of 1 hour each.
Cost: $79 / 6 sessions 
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French group lessons online for advanced students:

Upcoming session: September 1st – October 9th 2020: Thursdays @ 5:30 pm P.S.T
Duration: 6 sessions of 1 hour each.
Cost: $79 / 6 sessions 
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Join other adults from all parts of the country for advanced French lessons. Each session will be split between conversation, and the translation of an interesting/challenging article or blog article. Each session will be recorded and available to you 24/7.

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Extra learning tools: Students taking private or group lessons with me will have access to many exercises, extra learning tools (many bonus lessons) and oral comprehension exercises (written/audio & video) on a separate platform created, well, by me. Answers are provided on website. This is the absolute best language method ever created. You will get my feedback in between lessons, you will be able to hear and read many sentences pronounced slowly, and fast. These are the most useful learning tools you will ever see.

How do the virtual classroom & learning tools work?   Click here for a quick explanation. All explanations apply to both group & prive lessons. Moodle is the most important part for those who take group lessons in person in Los Angeles.

Why me rather than the many other options you have?
There are many reasons. Click here to find out why. Read reviews on Google under my language school’s name, Language City, as well as on Yelp.

Beginners’ French class (French IA) curriculum:
– Use of “être” & “avoir” in the present tense
– Parts of the body
– Counting up to 100
– Definite & indefinite articles
– The most used -er, -ir & -re verbs you won’t learn anywhere else
– Negative form + ne…jamais, ne…plus, ne…personne, ne…que
– Negative form + de or d’
– 3 ways of asking a yes/no question (find out which one is casual and which one is very formal, you’ll be surprised)
– Demonstrative adjectives
– The real use of the pronoun “on” (which very few books seem to understand)
– Question words: où, quoi, comment pourquoi
– Near future
– Weather
– How to tell the time
– Possessive adjectives
– Venir de + infinitive
– C’est vs Il/elle est
– Locating people & things

Intermediate French curriculum:

  • Present tense review
  • adjective placement
  • Near future
  • Passé composé of irregular verbs
  • Passé composé of être verbs
  • Partitive article
  • Negative expressions in passeé composé
  • Direct/Indirect Object pronouns in present and passé composé
  • Simultaneous use of direct & indirect object pronouns in present & near future
  • Most used reflexive verbs present & passé composé (the complete list)
  • Imperative of reflexive verbs (again, you will discover the most useful reflexive verbs no one ever mentions)
  • avoir l’air
  • Quel & lequel
  • Imperfect
  • qui vs que vs dont
  • All the most useful conjunctions
  • The use of “comme” in conversational French
  • Important use of “Tu n’as qu’à + infinitive” (important lesson that you won’t find in any French method)
  • Savoir vs connaitre (the real rule, nothing to do with knowing “by heart” or “being” aquainted”)
  • Depuis vs pendant


Advanced French curriculum:
– The many translations & meanings of the verbs “to keep”, “to mean”, “to keep” & “can”
– to be missing sth / to be $___ short
– to have _____ left (time/quantity…)
– to be/live ______ miles/minutes (away) from a place.
– Could have / should have / must have + past participle
– Most useful words & idiomatic expressions
– To be mad at someone
– To get + past participle (fired / yelled at / evicted…)
– Translation of the passive voice in French
– All the reflexive verbs & faire expressions you’ve never heard before & that we use everyday
– “By”… the end of the day / the end of the week / the end of the year…
– Present vs past subjunctive

And much much more!

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Watch my free advanced French lesson. If you have an intermediate or advanced level in French, you are going to learn a whole lot!