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In-Home Tutoring – French tutor in Los Angeles

Alex19Bonjour, and welcome to my website. My name is Alexandre de Chambure. I am the former private English teacher of French President Chirac’s daughter & grandson and private French teacher of a Golden Globe winner. I am also the author of the most outstanding French method which will allow you to become fluent in French in a way that no other French method can match. I managed to make French grammar very simple, and I have created an online platform containing additional lessons that no other method has ever thought of teaching, and many written & oral exercises that will teach you to understand and sound like the French.

So if you are looking for a French tutor in Los Angeles, I offer French lessons to teenagers and adults living in the West LA area, from Hermosa Beach all the way up to the Southern part of Malibu, as well as Hollywood/Los Feliz, and the valley (including La Canada). Don’t waste another minute with other teachers or methods that will offer the very same lessons containing vague explanations and inaccurate vocabulary. Click here to hear me talk about this in more details, and explain how I can make you fluent in French, the way no other method or teacher can.

All my lessons can be recorded in my virtual classroom. Students will get the link & have access to them through a secured link. On top of the link to the recording of your private lessons, you will have access to a goldmine of extra lessons as well as written and oral comprehension exercises on a separate platform allowing you to review, practice and reinforce everything you learn with me. You can get my feedback on it or share your thoughts and ideas with my other students living around the world.

Many of my students live across the world and take lessons with me in my virtual classroom, but I still do teach privately in the LA area. Click here if you would like to know more about my virtual classroom and the great tools you can have access to on my external platform (all my students have access to them). I created all these learning tools for my online language school, Language City.

French tutor in Los Angeles:

Private & group lessons offered:

home-tutoringGroup lessons will be offered in Beverly Hills & in Culver City for beginners between June 20th and August 26th 2016 (ten 90-minute sessions) for $295. To know more, click here. Cancellation policy (does not apply to prepaid group lessons): Give me a 24-hour notice to cancel a lesson, or you get charged 🙁

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For more information:   call (310)-877-2669