My French Method

After teaching French for five years at all levels, I realized students would not find a good French method which would explain French grammar in a simple way. This is how I decided to write my own method which would finally make everything clear.

I have created and developed the most simple/complete & accurate French method that exists. Everything you learn has a purpose & is actually useful, unlike what you will see in many books & methods. It is also complete in the sense that 99.9% of schools & methods teach you the basics hoping you will find the right verbs & words to learn on your own. I have created the most complete series of exercises (written & oral comprehension assignments, with slow & fast pronunciation, with answer key) available on a separate platform called Moodle. Take a look at this video to see how it all works. Electa & Moodle are the tools I use for my online language school, Language City.

Get free access to Moodle when taking lessons with me