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dark_onlineOn top of group lessons, I do offer private lessons for $100/hour. Lessons take place on Zoom. Students get access to many written and listening comprehension exercises. Learn about my self-study courses on Language City’s website. Questions? Email me at


Payment methods: checks, Paypal or Venmo at

Bonjour, my name is Alexandre de Chambure, the founder of Language City, the only online foreign language school to offer such high quality lessons, with useful & engaging lessons. I am also the former private English teacher of French President Chirac’s daughter & grandson, and the former private French teacher of Oscar winner Jessica Chastain. I have been teaching French with great success to students (HS & college students as well as adults) living around the world for the past 15 years, and have created the most efficient French method you will ever see.

If you are here, you may have already noticed that Rosetta Stone or Fluenz will not get you to speak French. Based on my experience, 99.9% of language schools, teachers & methods are ineffective and won’t teach you what you need to know to really improve. You will learn vague and half empty rules, and you will be left guessing about the most useful verbs, words & idiomatic expressions people use on a daily basis, not to mention the way native speakers blend words together, making what you learn in class nearly obsolete.

As you will be able to see on the video above, I conduct my classes in a virtual classroom with built-in white board & microphone where I display my lessons and exercises. Students can write on the board, share documents, and we can see each other through our respective webcams. Even better, I can record our lessons and you can keep the link to each and every one of them for as long as you want.

Now there’s a lot more. I have created a separate platform for my students (accessible with user id & password) containing a goldmine of information: bonus lessons on the most useful structures that no other French method ever mentions (there are many) and exercises: written, audio & oral comprehension (video) drilling you on the difference between the way you read a sentence, and the way it is enunciated by native speakers, with words being blended together, or skipped altogether. This is the most efficient way to truly become fluent, to finally understand everything the French say, and to even sound like them.

Ask about joining a group for French SAT subject test & AP exam.

For more information regarding online French lessons, please email me at or call me at (310)-877-2669.

Click here to see a sample of a group lesson on Electa. Both the teacher & the student can turn on their webcams during private lessons.

online-lessionI offer 60-minute sessions as well as 30 minute sessions.
Cancellation policy: Give me a 24-hour notice to cancel or you will get charged 🙁

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