Karen, 15, San Diego, CA

test_karenI started taking French this year, but found it hard right from the start. My mom teaches online and came across Alex’s website on the Internet and decided to give him a shot. It’s been working great. My grades have gone up since he started tutoring me. He has made everything really clear. He is also very patient. I can tell him I don’t understand 5 or 10 times, he’ll keep trying to explain in different ways. I totally recommend him.

Lisa, 16, La Cañada, CA

test_lisaI took French I this year, and as many other students, I really struggled. Alex has been helping me a lot. I never understand anything my teacher talks about. I wouldn’t trade Alex for any other tutor in the world. I finally know what it’s like to get A’s in French!

Wendy, 47, Baton Rouge, LA

test_wendyI am a French teacher in High School. I got a Masters degree in French…a long time ago. I don’t get to practice my French anymore. As a result, I was forgetting my French more and more, to the point where I no longer felt confident in class. Alex helped my with pronunciation, and more importantly, he helped me with grammar. I can tell you one thing: he is an expert. He’s always had a clear answer to every question I’ve had.

Kartika, 19, Wesley College, Delaware

test_kartikaHi, I have been in the US for four years now. I am originally from Singapore.
This is my first year taking French, and I feel like I have had so much to learn at once. Alex has been very patient with me, and he has always been as flexible as humanly possible. We sometimes spent 4 hours on Skypefrom 8 pm to midnight or from 8 am to noon to get ready for my exams. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I mainly rely on him because I don’t understand what my teacher says in class…

Andres, 45, Savannah, GA

test_andresHi. My name is Andres, and I grew up in Equator. I now live in Georgia. I have seriously been thinking about moving to France as my wife is from France.
I contacted Alex and told him I needed to become fluent. I think he’s really adapted the lessons to my needs. I wasn’t working to get A’s, I was learning to be able to speak. He taught me the secrets of the French language: why people can’t understand the French. Well now I know the tricks to understand people. I believe these are the kinds of things that they don’t teach you at the Alliance Francaise or in college. What made it even better for me is that Alex speaks Spanish! He was able to compare French, English and Spanish. He is obviously an expert in foreign languages.